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Cat Call Joins Rescue Cats of Florida!

We have some big news to share!  Cat Call has become a subsidiary of Rescue Cats of Florida.  As we bring our groups together you may notice some slight changes to our website and logo.   What hasn't changed is that we will continue to be an all volunteer network of individuals who work every day to rescue, foster and re-home cats and kittens in the Tampa-Brandon areas.

The only big change you'll see right now is that we have closed our operations at the PetSmart on Causeway Blvd.  We have consolidated our efforts into the PetSmart Adoption Center at 1051 W. Brandon Blvd. (Route 60) in Brandon.  All of our adoptions will now be done at the Brandon Blvd. location.  Our Causeway volunteers will also work out of this location so you will see the same friendly faces you are used to.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, visit our About Us page.  To learn more about Rescue Cats of Florida visit their Facebook page.


We're Open - Saturday, May 16th!

Since the Coronavirus curve is beginning to flatten, and our country is starting to reopen, Rescue Groups / Cat Call is having a soft open on Saturdays, only, for the remainder of May.  We are hoping to open on Sundays, too, in June.

We have many cats and kittens who have been patiently waiting to meet their forever families.  In order to continue social distancing, and shorten the amount of time interacting in person, we are asking all potential adopters to first complete our Cat Adoption Application prior to coming in to meet our cats and kittens.  Then do one of the following:

  • Scan and email it to
  • Fax it to (813) 606-4770
  • Text a picture of it to (813) 842-0530

Once things return to normal we are planning a grand re-opening.  More information to come on that later.  We  look forward to seeing you on Saturday!  Stay safe!

1051 W. Brandon Blvd. (Route 60)
Brandon, FL  33511


Adoption Center Hours
Saturday: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday:  Temporarily Closed





These cats are still available but taking a break from the store.
Please call us if you'd like to meet them.

Tulip (female, 1 yr-old).

Sweetie (female, 6 mos-old).

Lucky (female ( 1yr-old).

Pebbles (female, 7 mos-old).

Peppermint Patty (female, 1 yr-old).




These cats are still available but taking a break from the store.
Please call us if you'd like to meet them.

Ladybug (female, 1 yr-old).  Love her toes!

Lucy (female, 5 mos-old).

Baby (male, 10 weeks old).

Buddy (male, 10 weeks old).

Dior (male, 4 mos-old).

Chanel (female, 4 mos-old).

Prada (female, 4 mos-old).

Hermes (female, 4 mos-old).

Clementine (female, 1 yr-old) is Calvin's sister.  She has 6-toes.

Binx (male, 3 yrs-old).

Theo (male, 2 yrs-old) is a lover and wants lots of attention.  He will sleep with you every night and loves to be held like a baby.  He does not get along well with other cats and is afraid of dogs so he will probably need to be an only pet.

Asher (male) and Abby (female) are bonded, 6-month-old siblings who are looking for a home where they can stay together.
Patches (female, 4 yrs-old).
Onyx (male, 2 yrs-old).

Reina (female, 2 yrs-old).

Peggy Sue (female, 3 yrs-old).

Blaze (male, 1yr-old).
              Simon (male, 7 yrs-old).

Calvin (male, 1 yr-old) is Clementine's brother.  She has 6-toes.

Manny (male, 4 yrs-old).

Blue (female, 2-3 yrs-old) is tabby and white.  She is an Alpha cat.  She tolerates other cats as long as they let her be the boss.  She is sweet with humans and loves attention.

Sadie (female, 3 yrs-old) is a little shy at first but warms up.  She is a sweet, sweet girl.  She loves wet food and to be brushed.  She gets along well with other cats.

Cinnamon (female, 6 yrs-old) is a very sweet and lovable lap kitty.  She loves being held and petted.  She will rub all over your legs and purr like crazy until you give her attention.

Bugs (male kitten).
  Cordelia (female, 10 mos-old) is very shy, especially around men, but will warm up in time.  She loves to cuddle with her sister, Buffy, and to play on cat towers and sit in windows.  She gets along well with other cats.
Buffy (female, 10 mos-old) is an attention-seeking lovebug.  She is very sweet and enjoys cuddles.  She also loves crinkly toys and playing on cat towers.  She likes to stay close to her sister, Cordelia, who is very shy.

Jedi has been adopted but Muffin is still looking for her forever home.  She is 4-yrs-old.

Tulip (female kitten)

Heidi (female, 1.5 yrs-old) was rescued from a local shelter.  She loves to climb cat trees and on people's shoulders.  She is good with other cats and is a very sweet girl.  She would love to be adopted with her friend, Chloe, to the right.

Chloe (female, 1.5 yrs-old) is very sweet and playful.  She loves to sit on shoulders.  She is good with other cats.  Chloe would love to be adopted with her friend, Heidi, to the left.

Eddie (adult male) is very friendly.  He loves to be pet and sit on your lap.  He also loves playing withe toys and with his best friend, Splash, to the right.  Their owner moved and left them behind.  They are bonded and need to be adopted together.

Splash (adult female) is very friendly.  She loves pets and to be cuddled.  She also loves watching water run from the tap.  Her best friend is Eddie, to the left.  Their owner moved and left them behind.  They are bonded and need to be adopted together.

Sam (male, 6 yrs old) is an adorable lap kitty looking for some love and attention.  He gets along well with kittens, cats, kids and adults.  No dogs.
      Ms. Kitty (female, 2 yrs old) loves attention and having her ears and neck scratched.  She loves to sit in the window and watch the birds outside.

Precious Paws (female, 7 mos old) is a really sweet kitten who is shy at first but once she gets to know you she will become your lap kitty.

Lucky (female, 10 mos old) loves to play but also likes to relax in your lap.  She has been around other cats and is friendly and playful with them.

Post Office Box 6356 •  Brandon, FL 33508  •  (813) 657-7078 •  catcallfl [ at ]